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Marupa Bowl - 2.5 quart

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Willowy and compelling, the sloop-shaped Marupa Bowl appears to have been carved from the Amazon tree of the same name. Indeed, the rectangular rim practically floats on its curved hull, a testament to the skill of designer and sculptor Donald Wright. Enhance a rustic credenza or a fine dining table with this magnificent bowl as a work of art. Leave it empty to spark the imagination, or fill with smooth river stones, shells, and other collectibles from nature. True to Nambé functionality, the alloy vessel also elegantly serves grilled lamb kabobs on steaming rice, a loaf of garlic bread, or a chilled fresh fruit salad, long retaining a desired serving temperature after pre-dinner placement in an oven or freezer. The Marupa Bowl makes an unsurpassed wedding gift.

  • Nambé alloy
  • Designed by Donald Wright in 1984
  • Introduced in 1999
  • 2.5 quart 
  • 7" W x 22" L
  • Oven, broiler, stovetop and freezer safe
 Item W102

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