Michael Aram: Wisteria Gold 4 X 6 / 5 X 7 Frame
Michael Aram

Michael Aram: Wisteria Gold 4 X 6 / 5 X 7 Frame

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Wisteria Gold Collection

8.25"L x 6.25"W; Goldtone

The Wisteria Gold collection is inspired by the beauty of twisted and curving vines. Vines have been a favorite motif of Aram's over the years since he sees them as a symbol of love and togetherness. As they grow, they loop together and separate, accommodating and allowing for whatever falls in their path. The gracefully intertwine while maintaining their own individuality.

"I think of vines as a symbol of love when I see how they grow together, with grace, strength, and vitality."

Care: Each Michael Aram metal object undergoes a series of grinding, buffing and polishing techniques. Variations or 'imperfections' in the product's finish are characteristic of the creation process. Due to this handmade nature, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

  • Goldtone
  • Wipe with soft cloth
  • Do not clean with any chemical solvents
  • Directions for placing the photo in the frame
  • Never move tab without loosening screw first as the tab may snap. Loosen screw then move tab.
  • Remove frame back and place in the photo
  • Place frame back in place
  • Set tabs incorrect position, then tighten screws in place

      The Michael Aram Collection is exclusively sold at Kuhn's Jewelers for this area.