Why who you buy from online matters?

The growing engagement ring online retail business signals a change in how consumers feel about purchasing something as precious as an engagement ring.  Nowadays, you can view hundreds of certified diamonds online and match them up with settings until you find just the right one.  Click purchase and it's on its way to your doorstep.  Who wouldn't want the convenience of shopping at their discretion and the convenience of delivery to their doorstep?

However, when you buy from a large online Diamond & Engagement ring broker you are missing an important component: A Jeweler!  Of course, I may be biased.  But, think about this:

Two GIA Certified diamonds with exactly the same color, clarity, cut quality and carat weight will radiate light in exactly the same way, right? No! They just don't - each diamond is unique. That's what makes them so rare and valuable! If a diamond is just a commodity that can be certified and shipped out without any consideration of its individual properties vs. other certified diamonds, then why do we need Jewelers? 

Here's why:

1. We hand select each and every diamond we sell.  We have sorted through thousands of diamonds to find just the right sparkle and fire at just the right value for our customers. 

2. Most consumers are unaware of fluorescence as a factor.  Fluorescence is the reaction of trace minerals within the diamond that cause the diamond to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.  A Jeweler will weed out the cloudy looking diamonds from the hundreds of diamonds examined and only select the diamonds that will make light dance and sparkle for their customers. 

It should be noted that the executive teams of the largest online diamond and engagement ring retailers have absolutely no jewelry or gemology experience.  They are highly advanced technical people who know how to use the internet to its fullest potential.  At the end of the day, they too want their customers to be happy - but more with their service than with the overall quality of their diamonds. 

A Jeweler wants you to fall in love with a diamond just as he or she did!  And, again, only selects the diamonds that are the most alluring, the most romantic. 

So, buy online!  But, buy from a Jeweler.  Take advantage of the 161 years of experience the 6th oldest Jewelry store in the country can offer.  We only sell what we love! 

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