What do you sell more of: White or Yellow Gold engagement rings?

Throughout much of the late 90's and early 2000's white gold was in much higher demand for engagement rings and wedding bands.  Lately, however, we've seen a increased call for yellow gold.  And, Rose Gold, is enjoying it's moment in the sun.  Will the rose gold trend continue to bloom or wilt in the near future?  While white and yellow gold jockey for 1st position, rose gold may just have the staying power to sit comfortably in 3rd option position for years to come! 

Our 2 cents?  There are no rules!  You can mix metals as often and as eclectically as you desire!  Skin tones may play into your everyday choices but don't be afraid to play with different combinations.  Need help?  Come in and play!  We love to help you find out what works and discover new options for you.  


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