Don't let your dated jewelry waste away in your jewelry box!

  As best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell said "Transformation isn't about improving, it's about re-thinking."  Diamond tennis bracelets were all the rage for quite some time.  

Today, many of these gorgeous pieces are tucked away in a jewelry box because their owners have moved along with the trends. However, there are many fun and innovative ideas for all of those neglected diamonds to be transformed into: Diamond Studs, diamond ring(s), diamond pendant(s) and many other sparkly ideas.  


We've helped hundreds of our customers transform something old into something new.  One customer brought in an heirloom gentlemen's Rolex that belonged to her Father.  She remembered fondly how much pride her Father took in having worked so hard for their family to be comfortable and never treated himself to anything.  This Rolex was the one luxury he allowed himself in his lifetime.  But, it was a very masculine looking watch.  No problem! We simple added a custom diamond dial using diamonds harvested from her diamond tennis bracelet that she no longer wore and voila!  

Bring us your tired, your neglected, your yearning to sparkle again jewelry and let's have fun transforming your pieces into something new!  




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