5 Must Know Jewelry Hacks

Can't get your ring off?  Need to polish the silver and only have ketchup?  Pin came out of your Watch bracelet?  Here are five DIY jewelry hacks that you can keep in your 'back pocket' for when the need arises: 

1. "Help! My ring is stuck and my finger is starting to swell!"

Windex.  That's right. Windex.  If there's one thing we all have in our homes and/or offices it's Windex.  Spray your ring & finger. (Not only does the cleaning agent act as a natural lubricant, but it also shrinks your skin.)  Gently twist.  And, voila! If it doesn't work, then you will need to have the ring cut off at your favorite local jeweler. 

2. "Oh no! Having huge dinner party using my silver in two hours and forgot to polish!  I can't seem to find silver polish anywhere in my house!"  

Ketchup.  That's right. Ketchup. Another ubiquitous household staple. Ketchup is actually pretty tough on the tarnished build up on your silver jewelry. The acid in the ketchup reacts with the silver sulfide that forms on the top of your silver objects.

Don't believe us? Watch

3. "I swear, I was just standing there and next thing I know my watch hit the floor!"

Most watch bracelets of the stainless steel variety are held together with cotter pins.  Sweat, lotion and other slippery substances can work their way into the pin holes over time.  Gravity does its thing and next thing you know you've launched your watch across the bar waiving your date over and knocked a nice elderly lady's tooth out. 

If you look on the underside of the bracelet you will see arrows.  If you are lucky enough to have the cotter pin that fell out, simply knock it back in the hole against the direction of the arrow.  Cotter pin is nowhere to be found?  Try a paperclip.  Brake it off and on Monday bring it by your favorite local jeweler to have a new cotter pin put in.  

4. "I'm going out and I really should clean my dirty jewelry but all I have is - Ale?"

Shine your gold jewelry by soaking it in a light ale. The beer's natural acidity will break down dirt and bring back the sparkle. Don't drink it after you're done. 

5. "I'm leaving for a much need trip to a glamorous exotic locale with the man of my dreams and I'd really like to not spend two hours untangling my jewelry once I get there!"

You need a jewelry roll-up travel case. But, there's no time for that, he's picking you up in 20 minutes to catch a last minute flight.  When packing, lay your jewelry out flat between two sheets of plastic wrap. It’ll save space and prevent your necklaces from getting tangled. When you get back, come show your new tan off to your favorite local jeweler and pick up a travel case while you're at it! 


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