What are your customers asking for: Halo or Solitaire?


With so much information available at their fingertips today, engagement ring consumers are chalk full of diamond information.  We have arrived at a time where the general understanding of diamond quality and value is influencing engagement ring design.  

We see an average of 3:1 solitaire vs. halo requests in our store everyday. Customers tell us that it is their understanding that it is a better buy to invest in a higher quality center diamond and let it showcase itself in a classic solitaire setting.  We couldn't agree more!  

This is precisely the reason we hand select our diamonds for the very best in sparkle and value.  All of our diamonds are handpicked by our GIA Diamond Grading Certified Owner and Staff.  What is often overlooked by consumers shopping online is arguably the most important of the 4 C's: Cut.  

You can put two G Color/VS1 clarity round brilliant diamonds side by side.  One will be prettier than the other.  The reason?  The cut. We are often asked why our price is higher for what the consumer believes to be the same diamond.  But, no two diamonds are the same.  Every single diamond is unique.  And, typically, the poorly cut diamonds that we reject make their way to the internet outlets.  

Whether you showcase your Kuhn's handpicked diamond in a classic solitaire setting or bling it out with a sparkly Halo, we're here to make sure you have only the best in quality and value to create from. 

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