Pink or "Rose" Gold Trend is in full bloom on the Shore!

We take things in our own time down here on the Shore, and a recent jewelry trend is no exception.  Rose Gold started to make a splash in the Spring of 2014 and really caught on fire throughout 2015.  

We saw a slight uptick in requests for rose gold jewelry across several categories, i.e. bridal, fashion and watches.  

Now, during our 2016 Valentine's Day rush, we have fielded three times as many requests for Rose Gold pieces compared with the past couple of years. 

Why is Rose Gold suddenly hot?  It has a lush tone that is warmer than white gold; it's sexier and more youthful than yellow gold; however it's somehow more down-to-earth than it's precious sisters.  Rose Gold could possibly become the new classic due to it's versatility.  

How is it made? 

Rose gold gets its lovely tint from copper mixed with yellow gold alloy.  It has the same durability and proper care instructions as yellow and white gold.  

Is it for me?

Rose gold is one of the most universally flattering metal types for any skin tone and, as a result, is extremely versatile with almost any fashion choice.  

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