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"A little over three years ago, I realized I just wanted to go to Mexico, I needed to go to Mexico. I had my own, successful Interior Design Company that I started almost right after college, and after 18 years I really needed to recharge my creative energy." - Stephanie Anne Kantis

Kantis had carved a niche in the home décor industry with a decade of specializing in the design production of her own upscale and unique children's luxury furniture, linens, accessory and branded apparel collections. Single handedly changing the face of the Juvenile furniture industry forever, she opened her first retail store in 1996, that became the mecca for a young, affluent clientele. As the business grew, so did her retail venues. In 2008, she opened her flagship in Dallas' Highland Park Village, but for Kantis, the trip to Mexico proved to be a turning point in her life.

"So my husband and I, and our two fat cats move to this tiny town in the hills for three months, and we end up living there almost two years! I start taking this sculpture class. Working in bronze fascinated me, but everyone was making these big things and I'm making these small things. Finally my professor said perhaps I should take a jewelry making class. Coming back to Dallas, I was always wearing my small sculptures. Then one day, a longtime client of mine comes into the store and right away I begin to sell her a sofa that I knew would be perfect in her home. Totally ignoring me, she keeps asking me about the jewelry I'm wearing, and I just kept selling that couch. Finally she said, 'Stephanie, how much is that sofa and I replied $3,800.' She says ‘I'll take all the jewelry you have on for $3,800.' So I knew it was time to start a new venture!"

Barely three years later, the Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Collection has made a fast name for itself. The collection is available in Neiman Marcus stores and Saks Fifth Avenue, where it is one of their top performing fashion jewelry resources. Specialty luxury and resort boutiques across the country will also carry the collection.

Historical decorative motifs influence Kantis' statement-making jewelry designs, mostly made of bronze dipped in 24k gold. Using semi-precious stones, pearls, quartz and gems enable her to integrate her love for nature and earthly treasures into her work. Her passion for architectural elements and travel all come together with a classic, yet modern esthetic. Her stunning, innovative chains can be worn more than 15 different ways due to her Signature "SA" Mark.

When not designing, Kantis is involved in many philanthropic endeavors including supporting the Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Believe in Tomorrow and Boys & Girls Clubs. She's an advocate for clean living, supporting environment protection. She is a sought after motivational speaker combining her philosophy on dressing for success with empowerment. Her statement piece jewelry embodying grace, polish and a feminine esthetic, speaks miles as well.

Now living in Palm Beach, Florida, a new source of inspiration unfolds. And what lies over the horizon for Stephanie Kantis, is only as far as the eye can see.


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